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DaBaby Debuts New Flow In “Find My Way” Starring B. Simone

DaBaby switch up his flow in new single, “Find My Way,” and the video is starred by B. Simome.

Produced by DJ Kid, the tune accompanies a 10-minute video featuring DaBaby and social media personality B. Simone. The high-stakes visuals, coordinated by Reel Goats, discovered DaBaby and B. Simone on the run. B. Simone is an online lifestyle influencer who is rumored to be dating the Charlotte rapper. They both teased the video on social media much to the delight of their fans, especially those who are here for their romance. B. Simone even posted a shot of her in DaBaby’s arms with the rapper grabbing on her derriere. He commented on the post, “Marketing genius,” with the goat emoji.

DaBaby currently has one of the most cheerful characters in the rap game, however he is presently showing a progressively dismal side in the video for new single “Find My Way.” The “Suge” rapper and Reel Goats have already dropped some of the best videos last year, and in 2020 they are not slowing down. Reel Goats is a three-man coordinating team that DaBaby depends on to carry his vision to the little screen. Together, they ideate and make wild storylines, frequently emulating the style of mid ’90s sitcoms.

“One thing I can say about life, certain situations cause individuals to do the unthinkable,” the rapper states in the opening monologue of the short film music video as he considers dealing with his friends and family. “Especially when situations affect the people most important to you.”

DaBaby spends time perfecting every aspect of his music introduction. “Find My Way” is ambitious in scope compared to your average music video, which is a hallmark of DaBaby’s entire music video oeuvre. Videos are his way of expressing his brand. He pays for all of his videos as well, so you can see why he heavily invested in bringing something different to the scene.

The melodic “Find My Way,” created by DJ Kid, is DaBaby’s first independent music since releasing his sophomore album “Kirk” last September. His latest joint effort was hopping on Lil Yachty’s viral “Oprah’s Bank Account” single featuring Drake.