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Chris Brown Shares Video Of Crazed Female Trying To Jump His Fence While Quarantined

Chris Brown had a running at his home with a crazed female fan who attempted to jump his fence all while he’s quarantined.

While we are all posted up in our houses, it seems some people’s quarantine experiences have been more eventful than others. Chris Brown shared a video on his Instagram of a woman apparently attempting to come on to his property uninvited. The woman in question is shouting as Chris’ friend films the incident, and Chris appears to hide behind a brick wall near his house. The singer captioned the video, “MENTAL ILLNESS IS REAL!! SHE TRIED TO SNEAK OVER THE GATE AT MY CRIB BUT SHE SAW MY DOG and he saw her (WHAT DA F*CK WAS MY HOMIE ZOOMing INTO) @teezio full credit.”

While some of what the woman is yelling is unintelligible, she can be heard asking, “You know Larita? You know Larita?”, to which Chris replies, “No!”. She quickly refutes his answer, saying, “Yes you do!” Chris then yells, “You’re crazy!” before asking his friend to zoom in on the woman standing at the edge of his property.

The woman can then be heard saying, “I never liked you, n***a! Even though you was my life partner, I never liked you!” At this point Chris and his friends laugh and yell, “What?!” before dramatically screaming and letting the neighbors know, “She’s crazy!”

The incident was also filmed by Chris’ neighbors, who were no doubt wondering what was going on. It is hard to say whether the woman knew that she was at Chris Brown’s house, but she was clearly very angry at someone. Some commenters on the post point out that Chris might need to up his security game considering a deranged stranger was able to get so close to his house. Other people simply wished the woman well and hoped she gets the mental health help she needs. While Chris might have been a little shook by the incident, he also seemed happy to get a little quarantine entertainment.