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Love & Hip Hop ATL: Yung Joc Gets Cold Feet About Having A Vasectomy

Rapper and radio personality Yung Joc is back on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta with his fiancée Kendra Robinson. The rapper and attorney have been together for several years and got engaged in last season’s finale.

In an extended scene from the premiere episode, the couple was at odds over what the next steps would be regarding having kids. Kendra, who has been very vocal in the past about not wanting children, is insistent that Yung Joc gets a vasectomy. Kendra goes as far as to claim that she won’t marry him unless he does “the responsible thing” and moves forward with the vasectomy. She says, “This is so important because of the whole birth control situation and just us being responsible about our future.”

Kendra is an attorney in Atlanta and doesn’t want to have a child to impact her career. Joc, on the other hand, has eight children by several different women.

Although Yung Joc agreed to do vasectomy, after meeting with a doctor and having the procedure explained to him, he’s having second thoughts. He was visibly upset after talking with the doctor and told Kendra that he wasn’t sure if that is something that he wants to do, and was nervous about what he had to put his body through. He calmly tells her, “Now Imagine what I have to put myself through to do it…Now that I hear all of the things I have to do and I have to be in pain and take antibiotics, I don’t want to do it. Why can’t you do it.” He goes on to say that he feels like it’s taking some of his manhood.

Kendra Robinson told him that in order for her to be the one to get “fixed,” she would have to go through more invasive surgery, as well as take more time off work. She said, “It’s so much more serious for me to stop my reproductive system than it is for you. It only takes you 15 minutes.”

Kendra mentions that he can freeze his sperm, and she can do the same with her eggs just in case they decide to have a baby sometime in the future. Even with that compromise, Yung Joc and Kendra seemingly ended the conversation at odds. We’ll have to keep tuning in to see how this situation plays out, and if the two eventually make it down the aisle.

You can watch the full extended clip here: