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Tory Lanez Delivers The “W” Track Ahead Of “New Toronto 3”

Canadian rapper Tory Lanez has brought a chilled vibe with his new track “W.”

The track is not one of those that you’ll hear during the primetime of a club set, but the wisdom that Tory Lanez offer is nothing short of golden. The beat is calm and takes on a reminiscent persona, which is just perfect for Tory to deliver his story. The “Luv” rapper takes listeners on a ride of his life, highlighting all that securing the win brings.

The video is only 1 minute and 46 seconds, but the chilled vibe of the track is beautifully paired with the video, as the pace is slowed to a slurry. The rapper calls on the team to capture the visuals with Mid Jordan capturing amazing visuals of the city, while Tory Lanez cruises around in a droptop Rolls-Royce. There are also other shots of Lanez and crew eating around a table, quite a resemblance of the last supper.

Noteworthy bars dropped by Lanez include: “When your influence too big then they assassinate you / when you keep sh*t too real they want to fabricate you / baby mama on my phone she out here b**ching at me /don’t talk to me right now my dawg I’m trigger happy /it’s like my girlfriend always mad whenever a ni**a happy.”

In a recent post, he confessed that the coronavirus would not stop him from dropping his new project. He wrote, “Y’all Know I ain’t letting CORONA stop me dropping S**T.”

The track is taken from Tory’s upcoming project New Toronto 3, which should be dropping sometime this month. The mixtape will be his last project for Interscope Records.