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R. Kelly’s Ex Azriel Clary Responds To Troll Who Called Her ‘A Joke’

Azriel Clary is finding peace and spreading love despite her association to her ex-boyfriend R. Kelly.

As R. Kelly’s secret world unfolded in the public eye over the last several years, a few women stayed by his side through the abuse and sexual misconduct allegations. However, the last of his supporters have finally turned away from him as well, including his former girlfriend Azriel Clary. Now, Azriel has returned to her family and is alleging that she was also a victim of abuse. After an emotional post expressing gratitude for her support system during this difficult time, one woman felt the need to slam Azriel for her claims about her past.

The post that led to the back and forth commentary featured a few pictures of a smiling Azriel and a heartfelt apology including the words, “I am now mature enough to put my pride to the side and apologize for all the humiliation and embarrassment I’ve put my family through”. One Facebook user wasn’t buying it, replying “Lmffao…victims expose their bodies that’s very funny”, apparently commenting on Azriel’s bare legs in the photos she posted.

R. Kelly picShe continued to troll Azriel’s post, saying, “You a joke and an insult to real victims of abuse shame on you, you really disgust me as a woman who has been abused.”

Azriel replied to the criticism, saying, “Everyone copes different. The key to healing is finding self confidence and self love…something it sounds like you still haven’t found.. and I’m sorry for that. I’m a survivor and why should I not be able to wear a bathing suit like any other woman and not be confident? Why can’t I not wear shorts and feel comfortable in my skin?”

Azriel ended her response with some words of encouragement for other survivors, saying, “And if I have to be the underdog, and take all of the scrutiny, backlash, humiliation, and punches for them I will.. as long as it gives someone else the strength to come forward.”