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Tyler The Creator Flirts With A$AP Rocky On IG Live Then It Went South

Tyler the Creator manages to anger A$AP Rocky during a Instagram Live chat when he started flirting.

The quarantine order that has resulted from the coronavirus outbreak has left people – celebrities included – isolated and some even bored and possibly depressed having to avoid large gatherings and public events. With all of this, numerous celebrities have been using Instagram Live to communicate with fans as well as each other about what is happening in their lives. We’ve also seen an increase in Instagram live concerts in lieu of the usual events at this time of year.

A$AP Rocky hopped on IG live yesterday, and things got a bit unusual after he invited Tyler The Creator to join. When Lord Flacko requested to hear what Felicia The GOAT had been cooking up, the rapper had a strange ultimatum for the Harlem hottie.

“What are you wearing?” Tyler teased Rocky. A$AP Rocky who stayed cracking up during the exchange responded, “Yo, bro. Chill out. It ain’t even been a minute and you’re already going crazy,” he said about Tyler trolling him. “Relax your limbs man.” Tyler then admitted that the self-isolation is getting to him hence his request. “I’m lonely,” the Grammy-winning artist told A$AP.

After a little chit chat and Rocky threatening to hang up several times, the rapper proceeded to ask Tyler to hear some new music. “I saw on your ‘gram you’ve been working on some new sh*t, let’s hear it.” It took some convincing, but Tyler finally compromised and reassured Rocky, “Ok, I’ll play something if you show me what you’re wearing.”

Clearly, these two have a tight bond and understand each other’s humor. A$AP Rocky, while had a good laugh, had no intentions to prolong the live session with the persistent Tyler The Creator. “Yo bro, now I’m hanging up,” he said while laughing.

A snippet of the new music Lord Flacko was referring to was actually posted to Tyler The Creator’s page as a teaser. The video shows Tyler up in the mountains, building a banger while also playing the keyboard. He recently took home the Grammy award for Best Rap Album. His next project will definitely be one that is greatly anticipated and harshly measured, seeing that he achieved so much with his last. Check out the hilarious between A$AP Rocky and Tyler The Creator.