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PARTYNEXTDOOR Will Send You Leaked Music From New Album If You Do This


PARTYNEXTDOOR is reassuring fans that new music is actually coming, and they can check their text messages to prove it.

PARTYNEXTDOOR’s new album has been teased and delayed and teased and delayed again since the start of 2020. After the OVO singer/songwriter finally settled on a release date for “PARTYMOBILE” which will (allegedly) drop this Friday, he’s been using social media to give his fans a taste of what they can expect.

PARTY tried to get fans hype for the release day by tweeting #PARTYNEXTWEEK on Sunday,  attempting to get the hashtag trending and build a buzz around his long-awaited project. Hours later he decided that wasn’t enough, and announced he would start texting fans new leaks and snippets from the project leading up to March 27. “Not waiting til Friday… text me to hear new music 310-496-8812 #PARTYNEXTWEEK,” he said. 

Early Monday morning his excitement continued to build and he asked his 1.4 million Twitter followers if they wanted him to send around another leak. PARTY has already released three singles off of the project including “Split Decision,” “The News,” and “Loyal” featuring his Canadian bossman Drizzy Drake.

We haven’t heard an official full-length album from PND since PARTYNEXTDOOR3 in 2016, but he has dropped a few EPs and solo songs here and there. The artist is known for his pen in the rap and R&B game, writing some of our favorite hits like Rihanna’s “Work” and “Sex with me”; DJ Khaled’s “Wild Thougthts,” “Shining,” and more. So fans have just assumed he has been busy helping others with their own projects .. (Rihanna, where you at???)

In any case, it’s good to see he finally had the time to put into his own music and in just a few days, fans will decide if it was worth the wait.