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NBA YoungBoy Gets A Female Dog To Help Him Learn To Treat Women Better

Did NBA YoungBoy gets himself a female dog to help him treat women better?

When you talk about game, you talk about NBA Youngboy. Clearly, there is an irresistible charm that the rapper oozes whenever he is close, what else would explain the number of girls that fall for him on a regular basis. Ever since making his mark on the rap scene, the rapper has dominated the charts, outselling and out streaming some of the biggest names in the industry.

While some have argued that his rise to fame has been somewhat of an overnight sensation, the rapper has been releasing tapes since 2015. He has also been sowing his natural oats at a rather rapid pace, with his tally of children reaching 4. While 4 may not seem like too crazy of a number, it really comes into perspective when you consider the rapper is only 20 years old.

Youngboy is no longer in a relationship with any of his baby mothers and is regularly seen with other females. Iyanna Mayweather is one of the names most frequently seen on social media. However, we are still trying to figure out if they are indeed in a relationship. Youngboy doesn’t seem to think so, as he recently made the world know he is single. The “Bandit” rapper has also been seen with Kodak Black’s ex-girlfriend, Young Lyric, and quite a few other names.

The rapper knows he has a problem and is working on a solution in his own way. During an IG live session, fans got introduced to the rapper’s pet dog Kez. Directly after being introduced, NBA Youngboy gave us the rundown on why he actually got her, and the reason is actually commendable. “I bought her because if I can learn how to treat Kez, that mean I can learn how to treat any woman,” he mentioned.

A study conducted by Barkbox concluded that 50% of their subjects became more affectionate people after getting a dog. Perhaps after this, we will see more commitment from one of the game’s most notorious players.