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Wiz Khalifa Says Coronavirus Quarantine Will Be A Baby Making Boom

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Wiz Khalifa says he expects a coronavirus baby boom after this coronavirus pandemic.

Taylor Gang rapper Wiz Khalifa is predicting that as a result of the novel coronavirus, he is predicting a vast number of “quarantine babies” to be born next year. The rapper went on record to say that he sees an influx of newborn babies in the future after all the time we will all be spending at home.

With artists postponing releases and being limited in their mobility, entertainment might become a bit of a bore or kind of tedious to some. Perhaps this is why Wiz Khalifa believes that we will resort to baby-making and bearing while the world navigates this difficult situation. “It’s gonna be a lot of quarantine babies poppin’ out next year,” acclaimed the rapper wrote on social media, after observing the monumental change in the world since the coronavirus outbreak.

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Wiz Khalifa’s reasoning isn’t far fetched because eventually, all this self-quarantining will get dull. The World Health Organization is suggesting not only that we self-quarantine but to practice social distancing, and even avoid going outside altogether. That sounds like a lot of people, and their sweethearts might consider other alternatives while they’re isolated together.

The masses have already begun trolling on social media bout the fact that these days, being forced to stay home is so unprecedented that they’re a bit unsure about how to operate. One social media user wrote on Twitter, “Day 3 of quarantine: Please bring the NBA back; he keeps asking how my day was.” All organizations of authority predict that the COVID-19 pandemic will span several more months. Do you know what you’ll be doing in that time?