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Drake To Be Tested For Coronavirus After Coming In Contact With Kevin Durant

Drake will be tested for coronavirus after coming in contact with Kevin Durant recently.

Kevin Durant made a stunning revelation on Tuesday when he announced that he was tested positive for the deadly coronavirus or COVID-19. At least four of his Brooklyn Nets team members have been reportedly tested positive as the virus continues to spread across the Tri-State area. A number of celebrities, who made contact with Durant over the past few days, are now considering getting tested. Drake is one of those celebrities who was spotted spending time with the NBA player.

Drizzy posted a photo of himself with Durant six days ago on Instagram. “life is a race and the grim reaper catches up…till then glasses up,” Champagnepapi wrote. It’s unclear if the photo was taken the same day or if its a previously taken pic. Nevertheless, sources are now saying that Drake will be getting tested for the virus and is now considering isolating himself from others. Some members of his crew, who were with them on the same day, are now being isolated also. Sources say Durant himself informed Drake of the development the moment he got the results back and urged him to get tested as soon as possible.


“Everything is already set in motion and just to let everyone know, Drake is fine, there is no reason to think that he has contracted the virus, but he will get tested,” sources inside OVO told Urban Islandz.

Coronavirus can be transmitted through coughing, sneezing, or simply breathing the virus into the air through tiny water vapors. Being in close proximity to each other significantly increases the risk of it being transmitted. The virus can also live for several hours on surfaces like metals, fabric, paper, etc.

Just yesterday, Drake was celebrating his historic run on the Billboard Hot 100 chart when he became the first artiste to reach 208 entries on the chart, surpassing the previous record holder, Glee. Now that moment of celebration quickly paused due to a potential coronavirus threat.