Chronic Law Don’t Believe In “Duppy Story”

There are a few ways to tell if a song as substance. If the song is one that has vocals added to it, the singer’s key, tone, inflection, and overall approach to the beat will go a long way in adding substance. One listener discovered the other method as he was about to dig into Chronic Law’s new track, commenting, “Me just hear the beat and know that the song hot.”

Chronic Law hops onto the bouncy Pulsate Riddim produced by ZJ Dymond’s Full Charge Records, to deliver a warning in “Duppy Story.”

Everybody wants to be the tough guy who doesn’t take no for an answer and is both respected and feared by everyone. Most times in order to reach that tough-guy status, tales of your killer instincts need to precede your presence. This is exactly the problem, as many persons are chasing the fruits even though no seeds of action were planted. Chronic Law is going off on those persons who are associating themselves with crimes they have not actually committed, warning them of the danger they are putting themselves into.

He gives some evidence to support how he knows they are not true gangsters as he sings, “You chat too much bout gun you no have that / A ask weh safety de pon revolver.”

The true way to decipher a song on Youtube is to listen to the track while scrolling through the comments. The level of support the St. Thomas man is getting is truly phenomenal and is easily recognized as one reads through the comments below his uploads. The support is so strong that a few fans seem ready to pass the King Of Dancehall crown to him; that is whenever the current King is done serving. While Chronic Law does have bars, do you think he is ready for such a title?