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Daddy1 Drops Two New Songs “Share It” and “Floating”

Daddy1 comes full circle and displays his growth in two new singles, “Share It” and “Floating.”

If you read the comments under 6ixx Camp’s artiste Daddy1’s latest track, you would feel a sense of pride and respect. His fans and devoted followers have been gushing all about just how far he has come as an artist and the promise he shows for the future. While he is not the most popular member of the 6ixx, he has left a remarkable and notable impact on their fans. His track “Anthem” was one of the most popular songs for 2019, sparking numerous trends.

It seem he has matured somewhat since then, as his new song boasts inspiring lyrics and he also takes the time to appreciate and show love to his mother, Shelly-Ann. “Fi mi family mi make the money and share it, mummy Shelly affi know my payslip / nah go back poor mi affi stay rich, Squash man mek di p**sy dem know dis say a fully 6ix and we won’t switch loyalty a sumn wah wi grow wid and fi loyal ya fi know risk / Neva start a journey and forfeit,” he raps.

Currently, number 22 on YouTube’s trending list, the track was released on March 8th and has already seen an impressive spike in views, over 55 thousand thus far. His concept of sharing his wealth with friends and family until they are all in a position of wealth is resonating highly amongst his fans.

2020 just may be the year for Daddy1 to outshine his fellow 6ixx Camp team members. Check out “Share It” below.

Check out “Floating” below.