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Waka Flocka Flame & Tammy Talk Marriage & Lawsuit on episode Preview

Reality TV veterans Waka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera are no strangers to living life in front of the cameras. With their new reality show, Waka & Tammy: What the Flocka, they will be sharing more about their marriage, and their drama, than ever before.

WE tv released a short episode preview of the series showing what the two have been up to since tying the knot. We learn that after a year in the home, the couple is still in the process of renovating their new home because they allegedly got scammed by their previous contractor. They are currently suing the company for “running off with their money.” In the preview, Tammy fills us in saying, “The renovations have been a nightmare…I hired some janky contractors and I gave them a deposit of $54,000, and I have nothing to show from it except for off-brand furniture that I never ordered.”

However, the company is now countersuing Tammy because she spoke about her experience on social media, and they claim it negatively impacted their business.

Tammy says that she found the design team on Instagram and decided to go with them, even though Waka Flocka Flame initially didn’t like the idea. He expressed that he wishes she would have asked him for advice and help to find a contractor, and they could have avoided the whole situation. He says in his interview, “We have to protect ourselves from people scamming and stealing. I’m a celebrity and this is [the] reality.”

The preview also shows how the dynamic between Tammy and Deb, Waka’s mom, is playing out. Deb expresses that she feels like Tammy should put being a mother and wife first and prioritize her family, but that she also needs to focus on her career. She lets it be known that she has big expectations of Tammy now that she and Waka Flocka Flame are officially married. Tammy says she’s becoming overwhelmed by all of it. She says, “I have all this stuff going on and a ton of new things to take care of… and I have Deb expecting me to do all of the daughter-in-law things…it’s becoming a lot.”

The show will follow the newlyweds through part of their first year of marriage, and sure to be entertaining. The series premieres Thursday, March 12th, on WE Tv.