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Offset Talks Being Called Biggest Star In Migos & Cardi B Superstar Status

Offset and Cardi B
Offset, Cardi B

Offset sees all of his Migos comrades on equal terms and doesn’t think his wife’s superstar status makes him better than Quavo and Takeoff.

The Father of 4 rapper made a name for himself in the industry as one third of the group which hails from Georgia, but he is arguably more famous these days as the husband of Cardi B. Migos is a family affair, with the three members all related. Offset and Quavo are cousins, while Takeoff is Quavo’s nephew. Takeoff’s mother — who is Quavo’s sister — raised the trio in the suburbs of Atlanta, and they released their first mixtape in 2011.

The trio became household names around 2016 when their track “Bad and Boujee” seemed to be on every radio station and dance floor. Collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, and Drake followed, not to mention a couple of Grammy nominations. Still, despite the group’s success, it sometimes seems to some that their personal lives make bigger headlines than their music, none more so than Offset.

The 28-year-old became a married man in 2017 when he tied the knot with Cardi B. The couple welcomed a daughter, Kulture, the following year, and are no strangers to red carpet appearances. “My wife’s success is one of the biggest things I’ve ever been a part of,” Offset told HighSnobriety. “She didn’t feel like she had it at one point. The world didn’t think she could rap. But I can tell when somebody is going to last, and when I met her, I was already wanting to know her before I ever even heard a song by her. That’s why she f**** with me and why our s*** is so genuine.”

Offset admitted to the publication that his marriage has led to many people telling him he is the biggest star of Migos, but he has no time for such remarks, confirming that he is as much a member of the group as the other two. “If someone tells you you’re better than the others, you’re the one, you’re bigger than everybody. And you carry yourself that way after being told that, you’re a weak-minded person,” Offset explained. “People tell me all the time, ‘You’re married to Cardi B. You’re the real star.’ I shut that down immediately. And it kills them so much, and I can see the darkness in their face. By even telling me I’m the star, you’re killing my memories. Period.”

There was a point in Migos’ journey where Quavo was seen as the leading member of the group, but these days, Offset is standing out more and a lot of it has to do with his marriage to Cardi B. The Atlanta rapper is now saying that he doesn’t want to be viewed as the big star in Migos just because he’s married to Cardi. We rarely see artistes show humility like this, and Offset stocks might just go up just because of this statement.