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Meek Mill Gets Some Heat From Students For Pulling Out Show Last Minute

Meek Mill catches some heat from students after pulling out of a performance last minute.

March 7, 2020, marked the date that the students of The University of Massachusetts Amherst were to be entertained by Philly rapper, Meek Mill. Sadly, something didn’t go quite right, and hundreds of college students were left disappointed. Meek has been enjoying a terrific run of fortune in recent years. He is now sharing strong ties with billionaire moguls such as JAY-Z and Diddy since The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania overturned his sentence, landing roles in high profile movies, along with releasing new music with other mainstream rappers.

We could also go on and on about his philanthropic work, being a champion of change for the justice system, even voicing his disapproval of the Alabama execution of Nathaniel Woods. With all the positivity spilling from Meek, there is no wonder why he comes across as a standup guy. This is also why it doesn’t add up that Meek Mill would show up for the 2020 MullinsLive! Concert on Saturday, March 07, and not perform.

“More than 1,500 students attended the concert, where the opening act, Lil TJay performed. Headline artist Meek Mill arrived at the Mullins Center but decided not to perform. An announcement was made to students at 1:30 p.m., and the crowd left in an orderly manner,” Brandi Hephner-LaBanc, UMass-Amherst Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, explained in a statement. Hephner-LaBanc added that students will be refunded in the near future and that the concert ended incident free.

Naturally, the students were not pleased, and Meek Mill was the subject of numerous social media bashings following the announcement, with many claiming it was the small size of the crowd that led to him not performing. “Meek Mill pulled up to UMass Amherst, went to his dressing room, took all the amenities, and dipped out because the crowd wasn’t what you thought? [Face with raised eyebrow emoji],” wrote one user.

The rapper has remained very active on social media following the concert. However, he has not yet addressed the matter publicly.