Stylo G Drops New Song “Hard Food” Watch The Visual

Stylo G keep gracing us with new music.

UK based dancehall deejay Stylo G regularly sings about being the life of the party. His breakout tracks “Touch Down” and “Dumplin” are all about a good rave, and whatever else comes with being an entertainer, loaded with cash. The artiste is singing a different tune in his latest release, as he gives us a breakdown of what it looks like behind the fast life he portrays in videos. Stylo fittingly calls the track “Hard Food.”

He tells just how much he works behind the scenes to perfect his craft, even when others are out partying. He also recollects on his time in Jamaica as he confesses that he ate from ‘dutch’ pots a lived in a one-room apartment. In a nutshell, his life in Spanish Town was not easy, but he is grateful for the opportunity he received and pledges that it won’t be long before an opportunity comes knocking at your doorstep. The entire track is aimed at motivating his fans, who may be going through a tough time. Someone who seems to know Stylo personally jumped into the comments and recollected, “Remember when me deh pn d block a listen da song yah pn you birthday me G a eat cornmeal dumpling and stew chicken.”

The track is hitting all the right emotional strings, with many persons confessing that they were almost moved to tears to relive their struggles through Stylo’s words.

In a move to ensure that the entire message is received, Stylo employs the use of a simple lyric video, which also captures himself in the studio.

“Hard Food” is available for streaming on Youtube.