Stylo G Blast His Baby Mama After She Called Him A “Wasteman”

There is a lot that goes into someone becoming a star. Even naturally gifted entertainers have to work extremely hard to unlock their talents and make it into the entertainment business. It gets even harder when you have to balance work and personal duties, especially as a parent.

Dancehall deejay Stylo G is now ready to take on the world and is on the fast track to being one of the most talked-about dancehall artistes of this new era. However, the artiste is still facing challenging times in his personal life. The UK based artiste took to social media to share his frustration in the way that Cheraine Bennett, the mother of his 12-year-old son, had been slandering his name on social media.

According to Cheraine’s post, Stylo G has proven to be a “wasteman” in the sense that he is not spending any quality time with his son and does not even support him financially.

Among addressing the relationship with his son, he also opened up about numerous topics during his video, including his drive for success and to create a legacy, the way he obtained his stay in the UK and all that comes with earning your stay in a foreign country through the way of a spouse.

A true entertainer love is for the approval of his fans, and the first set of fans are usually the people closest to you.

The first and maybe the most touching point for the “Touch Down” deejay was that he received no support from the mother of his first child when it came on to music. “She no like nun bout me music, she no like no music weh me a do, she never interested,” he explained. He continued, “You know when you do music inna the house and you excited and you bring it back and make she listen to it. She never wa hear it.”

Through various maintenance jobs, Stylo worked to provide for his family, meanwhile still believing in his dreams to become one of the greats of dancehall. However, he still faced immense pressure from his girlfriend at the time. During his video, he mentioned that she told him he would not achieve his dreams and that he will never become anybody of worth in society. The deejay even went as far as to compare her actions against that of his other baby mother and fellow entertainer Lisa Mercedez, who regularly followed him on the streets doing promotions.

Stylo G clearly knows the art of turning negatives into positives, has he mentioned that all the negative energy and the namecalling from his son’s mom gave him the inspiration to pen “Call Me A Yardie” and to work overtime to secure a future for his kids. “She always say you likkle yardie boy. You know when yuh no have no passport, you nah no papers, you cannot travel, you get frustrated,” he recalled.

The love of a beautiful bouncing baby has the ability to fix a lot of relationship issues. However, things got worst after the birth of their son, as he was pressured to live a more laidback life of work to home. His disapproval for such life saw him and her parting ways, and further grips on his ability to see his son when he chooses to. He explains that he has been battling the situation for the last 10 years, and his son even has to hide and secure additional sim cards just to talk to him.

The deejay is confessing that he has sent his son money through an account in his name numerous times. A very frustrated Stylo posted screenshots of the money sent to the account. In response to the accusations, he cleared the air that he does spend time with his son. He gave his son’s trips to Jamaica as examples of the quality time he is spending, even though it could be more.

At the core of his rant is his cry to be able to free access his son while he works to make a better space for his family in Jamaica and to respect his father’s advice to build a legacy for his little ones. He commented, “Me come from Homestead, me live inna wa little small bedroom. Me me mother and Jackie Chang grew up inna that. Me father used to tell me that boy when you grow up, make sure seh you buy you house. That’s my aim. Me never wa live the Tesco life … I wanted to become a star.”