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Young Dolph Is “Highly Considering” Quitting Rap Music

Is Memphis rapper Young Dolph ready to hang up the mic?

More so than ever before, a great deal of artists these days are working more and more towards owning their masters, starting their own record labels, and making other boss related moves. It has led a lot of them to put their music on the back burner for some time while they branch out in their other ventures. Young Dolph is not just a rapper but also a founder of the successful record label Paper Router Empire.

With the success of his label and having already released over 20 projects of both mixtapes and studio albums, Dolph is toying with the idea of retirement. The rapper who would have a lot to fall back on, including managing his label, which is slated to do some big things this year, took to social media to voice how he has been feeling lately about his music career. According to the “King of Memphis” rapper, he is growing tired of being away from his family.

In a note posted to his Instagram story yesterday, Young Dolph wrote, “Highly considering quitting music because I wanna be with my kids 24/7,” he said. Dolph is a father to two children, a young son, and a younger daughter. Understandably, any family man would desire to spend more time with his children. After everything Young Dolph has accomplished, it’s also quite fair for him to decide to devote some time to his kids now.

He went on to share some more thoughts in his Instagram story on the topic of making time for other important aspects of life. “Yall n***as never touched a vacuum sealer until your rap career took off, just to look cool,” he wrote. “Yall n***as a** backwards.”

Young Dolph isn’t the first, nor will he be the last rapper to allude to early retirement. Most of them always fall back into the game anyway, as we’ve seen with Nicki Minaj, our latest example. Do you think Young Dolph has done enough to retire from making solo music?