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Lil Baby Refused To Beef With DaBaby: ‘He don’t sound like me’

How many “Babies” are there room for in hip-hop?

That’s what fans seem to be asking — or rather, insinuating — as they call for a feud between Lil Baby and DaBaby. Both rappers have been doing their thing, with the “Sum 2 Prove” rapper having started his career back in 2016 and gaining attention in 2017 for his mixtape “Perfect Timing”. DaBaby showed up a few years later and released two studio albums in the space of a year, the second of which, “Kirk” went to number one.

Despite having very similar names, the two artists have little to do with each other. And that includes beef — much to some people’s disappointment.

“So many n***as tried to go there with me,” Lil Baby told Joe Budden on Pull Up. “N*** will say, ‘He tried to do this.’ I’m, like, ‘no’ every time. It was never going to be nothing. I made sure of that. [Beefing] ain’t really my wave.”

Lil Baby, whose real name is Dominique Jones, is definitely taking the high road where this is concerned. “I seen him at South by Southwest before I really started rapping with a diaper on, like, on some baby s***,” continues Lil Baby. “Even though my name was Baby from like hustling before rap, I actually seen him. I got a song with him for a feature before he got hot… He don’t sound like me. He don’t kick my swag. His name just DaBaby.”

Speaking of names, the “Suge” rapper recently opened up about how much he dislikes those who don’t know him well calling him by his birth name, Jonathan. Although the 28-year-old was born as Jonathan Kirk, he prefers that female fans refer to him as “DaBaby”. “I hate when fans try to call me by the government name and misspell my s***. Bro.. you don’t know me bro,” he wrote on Twitter. “Ladies.. Calling me ‘Jonathan’ means you’re my Girlfriend.”