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Summer Walker Wore Garbage Bag Dress To Hide From Coronavirus

Summer Walker wore a garbage bag dress to hide from the coronavirus at the airport.

The Coronavirus is spreading across the globe quicker than Drake changes accents, and it seems no one is safe. Airports are particularly hazardous, so it’s no wonder that Summer Walker geared up. The “Playing Games” singer looked like a cross between a new-age scientist, an alien, and a homeless person in the picture she posted of herself at an unidentified airport. It is not known where the artist is off to, but she’s not taking chances either way. Several countries have issued travel warnings, advising citizens not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

Planes arriving from China (where the disease began, and more than 84,000 people are infected), South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand have been banned from landing at numerous airports. The virus has also now taken Europe by swarm, with 21 people dead in Italy, and the United States is reporting 62 cases but no fatalities as yet. Currently there is no vaccine and no cure for the coronavirus.

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Not today honey

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Many believe that masks will aid in keeping one safe from the dreaded disease, but this has been dispelled by scientists. Still, maybe Summer Walker is smarter than the rest of us as she fashioned her own protective gear. Donning a make-shift dress out of a garbage bag, the 23-year-old had on a pair of latex gloves, sunglasses, and a surgical mask, just in case. “Not today honey,” she captioned the post. Did you hear that, Coronavirus?

If, like Summer Walker, you find yourself having to jet off somewhere — or are just worried about catching the virus in your home country — avoid anyone who happens to be sneezing, coughing, or displaying flu-like symptoms; if you, yourself, are the one coughing, do so into your elbow; avoid touching your face, and wash your hands frequently! You can’t be too safe out there.