Dancehall Deejay Aidonia Drops “BaAD!” Visuals

Aidonia isn’t just bad – he takes it to another level, a level that requires even a different spelling of the word. Only a few hours ago, Aidonia introduced the world to his new single titled, “BaAD!”

His fans just wound not understand just how bad it can get if he didn’t also pair it with a truly dark and gritty video. The video opens with a truly gruesome scene as we see a man caught, blindfolded and his hands and neck bound by rope. Based on the elements shown, it seems he is about to undergo a horrible torture session taken straight from The Book of Pain. It is really not a pretty scene.

The team at Magic Studio, who are responsible for the video, keep the heat throughout the video by using burning trashcans and Ganga spliffs. These are also some of the only sources of light in the video, as everything else is kept ‘dark’ to match the mood of Aidonia’s lyrics.

As you would expect, the word bad is prevalent through the track and makes up the majority of the short chorus. The verse is where Aidonia usually goes hard as he throws lyrical grenades and bombs. His rapid flow of lyrics is his usual style, and he doesn’t bother to dumb it down for anyone, but instead, he unleashes all that he has to offer.

There has been a lot of talks that the artiste is no longer in the form that he once was. To that, his fans shout, “Them think the genna boss did gone but him just did a give the wanna be artist dema chance but dem call back di boss fi run di wrld again!!”