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SZA & Justin Timberlake Drops Feel-Good Visuals For “The Other Side”

SZA and Justin Timberlake dropped off a feel-good visual for Trolls World Tour.

Fans have been patiently waiting to see what the two have been working on for the last several months. If you recall, SZA dropped several hints that the collaboration may be on the way as earlier as August of last year. During an interview with Kerwin Frost, SZA revealed she and Justin had spent time in the studio and made a “really cool” song together. She then gushed over their musical connection, “When I heard his music and we started singing together and the harmonies and the note choices that we were finding together, it’s like, ‘Oh, we speak the same language.”

A few months later, Justin Timberlake also teased the upcoming collaboration. “I just want to work with young, fresh people, and I want to collaborate more,” said the songwriter. He continued, “I’ve been songwriting and producing for so long — I want to experience that energy, and I want to work with people that I think are truly amazing.”

Now the singer, songwriter, has finally shared the details about the upcoming track. On Saturday (February 22), Timberlake shared a new video on Instagram in which he discussed the soundtrack for Trolls World Tour, revealing to fans that he and SZA will be released their collaboration on Wednesday (February 26) as part of the Trolls World Tour soundtrack.

Justin told fans that the first track to be shared from the original soundtrack will be titled ‘The Other Side,’ a collaboration between him and SZA.

“The Other Side” will be Timberlake’s first single since teaming up with Meek Mill on “Believe” earlier this year. He then shared the list of some of the other collaborators on the soundtrack, including Anderson Paak, Kelly Clarkson, Mary J Blige, and George Clinton.

“The Other Side” will be released, along with a music video, at 11 AM EST on Wednesday.

As for SZA, she’s announced several upcoming collaborations. The songstress, who released her debut album ‘CTRL’ in 2017, has collaborated with other artists but has not shared any solo material of her own in two years.

In December 2019, she told fans that will soon change.

“I’d say the date me and punch jus discussed … but that would stress me [and] build unnecessary pressure… [the] short answer is yes.”