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Sheck Wes Explains Why He Hates Klay Thompson

Khadimou Rassoul Cheikh Fall, better known as Sheck Wes, decided last night was the perfect time to drop a truth bomb on his fans.

The 21-year-old rapper, singer, songwriter, and model is also ways pretty active on his Twitter account, and this time he took to the social media platform to post what he dubbed as a Fun Fact. “FunFact: When I was younger Klay Thompson pushed me when I asked for autograph during ALL STAR in NYC , and I had hate for him after, so today I decline no one when they ask for a photo,” recounted the “Mo Bamba” rapper.

Klay Thompson, who is regarded as one of the greatest shooters in the NBA, currently plays for the Golden State Warriors as a shooting guard. While Klay is not known for his aggression to fans, only the two men who were involved can speak to what really happened. Nonetheless, it is never right to disrespect fans in any field.

Klay’s recent speech at Kobe and Gianna’s recent public memorial may have been the catalyst that fueled Sheck’s post. The start shooter also took to Instagram to pay his respects by sharing a couple of pictures along with a few kind words. He mentioned, “No amount of words can express how much Kobe meant to me and my family. Growing up, he was my favorite player on my favorite team.”

While Sheck admitted that he was aboard Klay’s hate train, he no longer seems too cut up about the incident that took place during his youth. Furthermore, it seems a lot good has come out of it as Sheck’s fans will never feel as if they do not matter.

While Klay has not provided a response to the rapper’s tweet, it seems the “Fun Facts” will be a regular thing on Sheck’s page. “I like Fun Facts you don’t know about, Ive been inspired to tell you more,” he tweeted.