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Lizzo Set To Launch Thong Line With Tommy Hilfiger

Lizzo is taking on the fashion industry.

Three-time Grammy award-winning artist Lizzo can do it all; rap, sing, twerk, and now she’s designing lingerie. For months the “Truth Hurts” hitmaker has teased a potential fashion line with Tommy Hilfiger, but fresh off her NAACP win on Sunday morning a very hungover Lizzo spilled the tea.

Met face to face with a crowd of reporters outside of the Sweet Chick waffle house in L.A. over the weekend, Lizzo had one simple word for reporters who questioned her about the potential upcoming collaboration — “thongs.”

Lizzo and Tommy Hilfiger will be teaming up to design a line of thong underwear. While the rapper didn’t share many details about the upcoming collaboration, Lizzo said Tommy reached out and a future collaboration is in the works.

Tommy Hilfiger who is 68-years-old has spoken publicly about how he would love to have the opportunity to work with the artist. Back in December 2019, Tommy said that Lizzo was at the top of his dream collaborators. “I would like to collab with people who have a great fashion sense,” he told TMZ. The designer also gushed over Lizzo’s spontaneity when she bore it all at a Los Angeles Lakers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves game on December 8, saying her outfit was “very cool.”

If you recall Lizzo wore a somewhat controversial black T-shirt with a giant cut-out on the backside, showing nothing but skin and her black thong.

Did Lizzo’s daring basketball outfit secure her fashion bag? We can’t be too sure, but we all know we can’t wait to see the new line.