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Rygin King Drops New Single “King Nah Leave”

Rygin King drops new single “King Nah Leave.”

The chemistry and vibrations shared between two creatives forces is truly a beautiful thing when it is made to blossom and grow. Montego Bay-based ‘Trap King’ Rygin King has been working with producer TipGod, since the early days of his career, and the partnership has been at the root of some of Rygin’s most loved tracks. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it is the message, as the two teams up once more to drop, “King Nah Leave.”

The artiste confesses that he will not leave or forget the day one’s who motivated him to “step out” and find the hits to be successful.

“A thousand shall stand by your side – a hundred may fall by your right hand / but no matter wa hurt beside me still have belief cause man a lion in the jungle dem a python.,” sings the “7Teen” singer in the opening lines of the track.

TipGod definitely knows how to touch the emotions of his listeners by providing a slow, piano infused beats, which Rygin King used to showcase his emotions from the very opening second of the track. The calm but somber mood is maintained throughout the entire 2 minutes and 46 seconds of the song.

The track his truly nostalgic not only in the lyrical component but also the mood, as we seemingly trod back in time to 2016-17 when the artiste was just on the brink of stardom. The raw passion felt as he sings each line is somewhat reminiscent of his hit single “How Mi Grow,” one of his biggest tracks.