Squash Drops New Song “Best Best” Listen It


Squash, the 6IXX boss has made his latest release all about the ladies as his new track titled, “Best Best” employes a completely different flow from what we are used to from the “Trending” king. While it is not a good idea to jump the gun, this feels much like a ladies’ anthem and one that will surely be on replay in headphones and in parties around the world.

The crews behind the scenes did a remarkable job. This seems to be the first collaboration of Squash and the East team, and this track is testimony that the production synergy between the camps is epic and works like a charm. The beat incorporates everything a seductive track should have, fun-sounding kick drums with long strings and hidden adlibs to top it all off.

Squash digs into the psyche of his female listeners as he shares his compliments, using that one special female as reference. While Squash delivers some melodic bars throughout the verses, it’s the chorus that really sells this track.

He keeps it simple as he sings, “Me know uno never expect tha one ya a the Best Best P****a , the Best Best P****a, the Best Best P****a.” It’s hard to escape the powers of a melodically charge repetitive chorus and waistlines all over the world should be in the same dilemma.

Squash has really been settling into his craft, testing out exciting new flows and melodies, keeping his fans guessing what he will be coming with next.