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Pop Smoke’s Best Friend Mike Dee Denies Being Responsible For His Murder

Pop Smoke’s best friend, Mike Dee, is denying that he had anything to do with the rapper’s murder.

Social Media has been on edge ever since news broke about the untimely murder of 20-year-old rapper Pop Smoke, early this morning. While the condolences have been pouring in from all over the world, social media detectives have been trying to put the pieces of their cases together, to figure out why someone would snuff out the life of one of hip hop’s brightest young stars. While LAPD has not revealed any strong leads, the social media ‘police’ seem to have singled out one of Smoke’s closet confidants, his brother Mike Dee as the person behind the hit.

The key piece of evidence that persons have been using to ‘convict’ Mike is a picture that he posted on his social media page showing the address of Pop Smoke’s Califonia house. Many persons believe that this was done intentionally to inform the four intruders of where to carry out the early morning hit. It is true that Mike currently has over 65k followers on the gram, and anyone of them could have a motive. However, Pop Smoke himself accidentally shared his address to his one 1 Million Instagram followers earlier that same day as well.

Mike Amiri gifted Smoke a few bags, and the rapper decided to show them off to his fans. Sadly, he didn’t remember to block the address that was clearly visible on one of the bags, ultimately broadcasting his exact location to his followers.

Now it has been revealed that Smoke also shared the location via social media. It’s clearer to see why Mike Dee has taken to social media to address all the accusations against him. He left a heartfelt post explaining how deep his love for his brother was and bashing all the social media investigators for their unsympathetic approach to the situation. Mike, who also shared a couple of photos of himself and his Pop Smoke, as the two transitioned from young boys to men.

So far, police have yet to determine a motive for the killing, but it appears that it may just be a home invasion and robbery that turned deadly, highlighting one of the downsides to flaunting on the gram. The rapper was gunned down by men who forced their way into the closed premises, mere minutes after hopping off Twitter.

You can take a look at the heartfelt post shared by Mike Dee below.