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Dame Dash Suing Ex-Wife Rachel Roy For Fraud Over Clothing Line

Dame Dash just can’t seem to stay out of court these days.

Just weeks after filing a lawsuit against WETV and the production company for Growing Up Hip Hop, Dame Dash is now suing one of his ex-wives! Rachel Roy and Dash married for nearly four years from 2005-2009, and have two daughters together. Rachel was rumored to be the “Becky with the good hair” that Beyonce famously mentioned in “Sorry.” Dash is suing his former flame for fraud, saying that he is owed money from his share of her clothing brand’s earnings. He claims that he is entitled to some of the royalties from her brand, the Rachael Ray Brands, which she started when they were still married.

According to reports from TMZ, Dash alleges that Rachel worked with other companies to keep the brand from bankruptcy, and to hide some of the money that was ultimately owed to him. He’s claiming they “manipulated, diverted, misappropriated, transferred, concealed, and embezzled funds.” Dash also says that she has submitted fraudulent records and withheld payments he is owed from being an original member of the company.

Dash claims in the suit that he and Rachel had a verbal agreement that she would repurchase his interest in the company for one million dollars, but has never paid him any money towards the deal.

Unfortunately for Dash, he will be spending a lot of time in court in the coming weeks because he’s a part of multiple lawsuits. Last year he was arrested for not paying his child support to Rachel and another one of his ex-wives, and he’s also facing sexual assault charges from a former employee, Monique Bunn.

In his lawsuit against Rachel, he’s not only suing her but also her companies and people that work with her including accountants, and lawyers who he says was a part of conspiring to keep money from him.

There’s no word on exactly how much he is suing for, however, Dash says that he is only asking for what he is owed.