I-Octane Flows Like Kendrick Lamar In “Banga Fone” Visuals

Byiome Muir, professionally known as I-Octane, dropped off another hard-hitting dancehall track, produced by Jones Ave Records. Octane dropped off the single, “Banga Fone,” last month, and now we have some visuals to go along with his unique punchlines.

The artist is known for his integrating positive and socially conscious focus into his music, drawing inspiration from personal experiences and Rastafarian teachings.

The song has a continuous, fast-paced beat, with the artiste vocals sitting on top of the mix nicely. The song seems to be centered on Octane’s lavish lifestyle and features shots of him in mansions, with girls in bikinis, shopping, flaunting money about. His delivery of the song is superb. In parts of the song, he compares himself to Kendrick Lamar, saying that his lyrics are just as unique and can be delivered as quickly. The video can be analyzed in several ways, giving that it is Jamaica, and everyone knows what it means to be using a “Banga fone.”

I-Octane’s lyrics depict that for this year, the artiste is surely not playing and is serious about making that dough. “Di Banga fone dem out / Suh yu know di Chopper dem deh all bout / Bricks nuff like wi a sell coke,” the singjay spits in the Chorus. This may be contrary to what he is saying; however, it definitely gives us all something to really think about, right?

I-Octane released a handful of hot singles in 2019 and kicked off 2020 with “Banga Fone” this New Year, we wonder if the artiste plans to keep us on our heels this year. Will he remain trending?

You can always count on I-Octane to drop something solid that the fans can vibe to. Watch the clip below.