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Love & Hip Hop NY Recap: Rich Dollaz Denies Stealing Olivia’s Money, Yandy Smith & Kimbella Blowout

In the latest episode of Love and Hip Hop: New York some old faces made their way back into the circle, and old friends face off to settle some unfinished business

The episode kicks off with Olivia, who is recently back in town, and Yandy Smith sitting down to catch up over coffee. Olivia reveals that she is engaged, but she and her fiance are keeping their relationship private. She also shares with Yandy that she believes Rich Dollaz was stealing from her when they were working together. Although Yandy takes Rich’s side at first, she eventually admits that Olivia may be right about the whole situation.

Yandy Smith also catches her up on the latest drama between herself, Chrissy Lampkin, and Kimbella and lets her know that she and Kimbella don’t speak anymore. She tells Olivia that Chrissy and Kimbella are close now and both of them have beef with her.

Later in the episode we see Rich trying to clear his name, and prove to Olivia that he didn’t steal any money from her in regards to the music they made together. He meets with his bookkeeper who is his mom, and they discuss that Olivia may owe him money from all of the free studio time and promotional services Rich gave her at no charge. Rich Dollaz believes that Cisco is the reason that Olivia believes he stole from her, and schedules a sit down with him and, for some reason, Peter Gunz. Things get heated pretty fast and Rich says that he felt betrayed that Cisco was going behind his back and talking to Olivia. Visibly upset she shouts at Cisco and says, “As a friend you were supposed to come to me and tell me all of the things that you didn’t tell me.”

Cisco admitted that he could have handled the situation differently, but says that he didn’t give any information to Olivia and tells Rich, “Hindsight, I should have told you that Olivia was trying to get back on. But I never told her that you stole from her.”

In a bright spot for the episode we see Yandy throw a jump rope benefit event for Johnathan’s nephew who needs surgery to help him be able to walk. Kimbella and Cyn also attend the event, and the ladies are able to put their differences aside to help raise the money. Everything goes off without a hitch and they are able to raise over $97,000.

However, the kumbaya moment does not last long, and all hell broke loose at a lingerie party that Johnathan hosts for all of the ladies. What starts off as a pretty innocent night gets very real, very quickly. After a heated conversation with Yandy, Kimbella throws a drink at her. With everyone standing up and yelling at one another trying to calm the situation. Yandy loses her cool and tries to jump over security to get to Kim, and that is where the episode ends.

To see how it all plays out we’ll all have to tune in next week Monday night on VH!.