Bounty Killer Donates $250K To Dancehall Pioneer Junior Byles Suffering From Mental Illness

Bounty Killer
Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer appeared OnStage with Winford Williams where he donated $250K to dancehall pioneer Junior Byles, through his Foundation.

During his time on-air, the veteran dancehall artist talked about a very important issue that is often neglected among the fortunate – giving back. Bounty Killer brought along with him to the TV interview, famous old school reggae artist Junior Byles. The reggae singer who is most popularly known for his single like “Fade Away,” recently sparked talk in the dancehall community when it was revealed that he is currently battling prostate cancer and mental issues.

Bounty Killer not only brought Byles on to raise awareness and to inspire is to do more as society members, but he also presented the ailing reggae artist with two checks adding up to a quarter million Jamaican dollars. The deejay said he saw the video of Junior Byles circulating, and it bothered him to see that no one reached out. “Nobody reaches out. No one. Not even one person from the music industry or the wider society,” Bounty said.

Bounty went on to urge other people and even other artists to do their part and give back as well. Anybody can fall upon misfortunes,” Bounty said. “You don’t know and I don’t know what tomorrow may bring Jamaica; especially we as artists, we need to form some artist to artist union and we cannot wait for the government,” he continued. “We have to pool our money together and get this on. Junior won’t be the first, he won’t be the last. Somebody will always [fall] and will have to get up back.”

Bounty Killer has always been invested in his social awareness and responsibility, and it’s so great to see that he still champions for this today, inspiring young people and established figures to think not just of themselves but of their own fellow citizens. Check out the full On Stage interview with Bounty Killer and his special guests.