Spice “Rolling” Is The Top Trending Dancehall Song This Week

Spice has the top trending dancehall video this week after dropping “Rolling.”

Team Spice has done it yet again by having another video in the number 1 spot on Jamaica’s Youtube Trending list. Spice released the music video for “Rolling” on Friday, February 07, and within 6 hours, it was already hugging the top position. It is not surprising that the video has been doing well, as Spice and crew really poured their creative juices into this latest masterpiece.

How is your history? If you have ever watched Dreamgirls or seen a showgirl clip from the earlier part of the last century, then you would have some idea of the inspiration. The music video for “Rolling” is a direct replica of what we would see in the 1940s-60s. Pulling off the look was not easy, and Grace knows this. While thanking her fans on Instagram, she also sent special thanks to “@puddonplussweet for making all the old school hairstyles and using her salon space.”
Spice also praised her dancers, who all must have worked extremely hard to execute the flawless video. The concept was the brainchild of Spice and Xtreme Arts with the shooting and editing being handled by the latter.

The Magnum Tonic Wine brand is well represented in both the video and the song itself. Spice explains to his suitors that before they approach, they have to ensure that they down a bottle of the popular Jamaican tonic.

Billboard music producer Cashflow Xtreme, from the Cashflow Records team, handles all the intricacies of the music production and provides Spice with that wonderful dancehall bassline. Spice and her dancers follow the beat to the “T” singing and rolling their beautifully, bouncing booties throughout the video.

What are your thoughts on Spice’s new song and video?