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Lori Harvey Fight Off Carjackers Like A Gangster, Rolls-Royce Safe, Watch The Clip

Lori Harvey
Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey gets gangster on a thief attempting to jack her Rolls-Royce.

Over the weekend, surveillance video surfaced of what appeared to be Lori Harvey fighting off a carjacker! From the looks of the video, Lori was arriving at an apartment complex garage in Atlanta on Wednesday evening. She had just parked her Rolls- Royce and was making her way to the back of her car to grab items from the trunk. As you can see from the video, the would-be-robber crept up from the front of the car and quickly jumped into the driver’s seat.

As Lori noticed what was happening, she tried to stop the guy by attempting to pull him out of the car. He pushed her back, and she walks away from the car. However, according to police reports, Lori walked away from the car with the key fob in her hand, which prevented the car from being put in drive.

According to TMZ, a second suspect also pulled up in a getaway car and grabbed a red duffel bag out of the back of Lori’s Rolls-Royce. After he grabbed the bag, he and the original suspect jumped into the getaway car and fled the scene. Unfortunately, for the suspects, the only items in the duffle bag were clothing and a few groceries.

Lori described the suspect as a “young black guy.” She reportedly refused any medical treatment and didn’t complain of injuries at the time. Police are now checking out video surveillance near Whole Foods, where she apparently shopped before the incident. Authorities believe that the suspects may have been tailing her from the store back to the apartment complex.

Lori Harvey is a social media influencer and model, as well as is the daughter of media Icon, Steve Harvey, and the girlfriend of Future.

As of Sunday, no one has been arrested in the incident, and no suspects have been named.