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Summer Walker Blast Trolls Making Fun Of Chris Brown’s Baby

Summer Walker put trolls on blast for making fun of Chris Brown’s baby Aeko Brown.

Even though Summer Walker classifies herself as a bit socially awkward, she isn’t scared to express her feelings when it comes to certain topics. This time it was the popular Instagram and online blog platform “The Shade Room” that was getting a tongue whipping from the r&b singer. It is known that some pretty bizarre stories get posted to the Room’s page on a daily basis. It has become a trend for commenters to sound off on the topic posted; however, the sad part is that a lot of the comments can be pretty harsh.

The post that really tipped Summer Walker over the edge was the one which showed a recent image Chris Brown shared on his Instagram account. He photograph was of his newborn baby boy Aeko and his mom, the lovely Ammika Harris. The TSR captioned the repost showing their respect to the r&b crooner, “#ChrisBrown shows love to his baby boy #Aeko and #AmmikaHarris [heart eyes emoji].”

While the caption was solid, many of the comments below the post made by the Shaderoom were savage. A lot of the comments took shots at the baby, for example, “that boy look grown,” meanwhile another mentioned, “This kid looks like an old soul.”

The question Summer Walker wants answers to is, how did such a wonderful image of a new life and the woman who brought him into the world turn into a trolling session?

She wrote, “Like I just seen maaaaad people making fun of a baby. Chris Browns baby.” She was clearly astonished at the actions, “What f***ing grown ADULT takes pleasure in roasting an infant.”

A few other comments really show just how far the limit was pushed. “Listen, they all don’t come out cute. My nephew looked like Hannibal lector,” wrote one person. Another suggested that Chris should hide his baby, meanwhile, one blatantly blamed Chris for not sticking to his own race, “Chris should had got him a black Girlfriend and he would not had a old looking grand daddy baby and that’s what happened when you date out your own race.”

Summer had some blame as well but it was aimed at the Shade Room for instigating a certain culture on their page and for providing the content for people to trash. “Everyone gets talked about in the nastiest way and it’s instigated by Shaderoom.”

The “Over It” singer continued and touched on a heavy point that is of grave importance in this social media-driven age. She lashed out against cyberbullying and solidified her stance that “it is and will always be unaccepted.”

A lot of persons sided with Summer’s stance on the matter, with some persons even hoping that the ShareRoom will close its doors and windows. 34% of kids in the US have experienced cyberbullying at least once. Sadly, Chris Brown’s son had to endure it at such a tender age.