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YNW Melly Shows Off His Rare $1100 Versace Sneaker In Prison

YNW Melly court

YNW Melly shows off his brand new pair of Versace sneakers in prison.

YNW Melly is staying fresh in prison with some rare $1100 Versace gears. The Miramar rapper is currently neatly tucked away in Florida’s Broward County Jail, while awaiting trial for murder. Melly seems to be defying his current physical location in so many ways. Firstly, for a guy that’s facing life in imprisonment, he is always rocking his radiant smile. While his female fans do love his smile, it’s the realistic vibe that he radiates through his music that has the hip hop critics giving him his props.

Along with his flashy smile, the young Floridian rapper brings some pretty decent lyrical yet melodic content to the hip hop game. He has seen a tremendous boost in his popularity while being locked away. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason for his increase in fame. However, it could be a combination of the following three: His high profile murder case that is currently in progress; his debut studio album Melly vs. Melvin, which he released back in November 2019; or the major cosign that Drake dropped in earlier this year.

His rise to fame and sudden incarceration has not seen the young rapper pulled back from the public eye. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, as YNW Melly often popped up on the Gram from prison, and he is still dropping new music. As a matter of fact, quite a few images have made their way to the rapper’s official Instagram page since he’s been behind bars since early last year. A lot of the shots posted on his IG page show him rocking his signature smile and his jumpsuit, however, the world was not ready for what he apparently rocks on his feet while in the slammer.

His most recent post has him showing off some fresh Versace kicks. He captioned the post, “Melvin stay icee @versace.” These Versace sneakers retail for around $1100. Most of us are now wondering if he’s actually wearing these gears in prison or is this just for clout. Inmates are usually seen wearing flip-flops or other shoes that can be bought from inside the jail/prison, and there is much doubt that they sell designer Versace at the commissary. Additionally, that might attract unwanted attention from prison thugs.

Does this mean that the Floridan is getting some preferential treatment in jail?

The shoes were not photographed on his feet, so he may not actually be wearing them, plus we are not able to see the clothes that he is wearing to determine if the photo was taken while he was on the outside.

One thing is certain, those kicks look fire, and from the work that Melly has done on his most recent album, he deserves them. The rapper stays confident that he will be found innocent and will be back in the streets where his fellow rappers and adoring fans await him.