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Post Malone Dropped Several Boxes Of Cash On Strippers In Miami

Post Malone managed to stack $50,000 worth of hard currency inside several boxes and brought them to the strip club.

It was a very Posty night in Miami a couple of days ago, as rapper/pop star Post Malone decided to carry on the Christmas cheer right through to the new year. The rapper and his crew pulled up on a Miami club where he was partying and dropped a cool $50,000 in singles. You would expect this sort of behavior at a strip club, but that was not the MO at this venue.

It was not even the Super Bowl as yet, but that did not stop Post from arriving in downtown Miami in quite a celebratory mood. The video making the rounds shows Post Malone as he is handed stack upon stacks of cash as he stands on the dance floor of the E11EVEN Miami 24-Hour Nightclub. In true American fashion, we get to see the cash his being delivered in used Bud Light boxes by a few gentlemen in black suits. Clearly, it doesn’t matter what the cash is delivered in as there was no shame in the game for a few of the patrons, who began their requests a bit of the loot as soon as Post received the first box.

According to reports from TMZ, it was like a tornado filled with money when Posty and his crew began tossing singles from their elevated VIP area. It must have been like a dream for many of the persons in attendance, as they watched money literally raining from the sky.

This was the first time that the rapper was saying congratulations to his fans and his buddies. He actually dropped a similar load back in October of last year while partying in the same nightclub. Many of the patrons who were there called it the best night of their lives. With such a reaction, it is no surprise that the rapper and club decided to do it again.

Post Malone did offer an explanation for his most recent stint as the male version of Storm(X-Men) when TMZ caught up with him after his long night. He mentioned that he is not a strip club kind of person anymore, and he just wanted to treat his friends to some of his money instead of blowing it on a few girls.

The question on everyone’s mind should now be, how can I be friends with the “Rockstar” rapper?