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Nicki Minaj Trolled By Barbz After Name-dropping Rosa Parks In New Song “Yikes”

Nicki Minaj is getting trolled by some of her Barbz for name-dropping Rosa Parks in her new song “Yikes.”

Nicki Minaj is dropping some new heat soon, but fans are trolling her for some of her lyrics. Nicki took to Twitter on Monday night to give her Barbz a teaser for what’s in her music pipeline. The rapper shared a video of her in the studio bopping to her new track blasting through the speakers. Alongside the clip, Nicki tweeted, “I play tag & you #IT for life. You a you do it for likes. #Yikes.”

Nicki, who only recently resurfaced after some sort of social media hiatus, teased her song “Yikes” just days after we heard her verse on Meghan Trainor’s “Nice to Meet Ya,” a song off her newly released album Treat Myself.

In the video, Nicki posted of her dancing and singing along to her new song “Yikes,” Nicki throws some shots, but some were afraid the wrong people got caught in the crossfire. While the song is great and everything, fans were concerned about the rapper’s choice of metaphor with historic figure Rosa Parks.

“All you b*tches Rosa Parks / Oh oh, get your a*s up,” Nicki raps on the track.

Fans immediately started trolling the rapper with the most hilarious memes. The theme of the quips consists of the funniest video reactions to chronicles like “Aretha Franklin watching Rosa Parks go off in heaven cause she had already told Rosa bout nicki disrespect” and “Rosa Parks with Aretha Franklin and Harriet Tubman when Nicki walk in the gates of heaven,” suggesting that they would be waiting to take her.

Nicki is staying active on the scene and in the media this month. She recently linked up with DaBaby and Gunna, and they may be on her next album. “I just recently collaborated with DaBaby, so you know he got to return that favor, and Gunna, I love Gunna,” Nicki told The Shade Room last year. “So, if there is an album there’s going to be way more than that if there is an album, but those are two new people that I haven’t had on an album yet who I would love to work with them.”

It looks like there is a lot in store for the Queen in 2020.