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Moneybagg Yo & Ari Fletcher Gets Into A Fight In Miami, Here’s The Clip

Did MoneyBagg Yo and his girlfriend Ari Fletcher get into a fight?

Rumors are swirling that MoneyBagg Yo and Ari Fletcher got into a huge fight last night, and it was not pretty. Though the video that one has to assume must exist in this social media era that shows the altercation has not yet unearthed, some eyewitnesses allege that they witness the lover’s quarrel that apparently got physical.

According to fans online, Ari hit MoneyBagg right on the money. “I just seen Ari straight up running after Moneybaggyo & punch him in the face,” one fan wrote on Twitter. As more people started to chime in on the brawl, further details emerged. According to one fan, MoneyBagg Yo stripped Ari of her hair piece after he was punched. “Ari just hit MonieyBagg Yo and he just snatched her wig odd on my mama in the middle of the street,” another fan said on Twitter.

Based on fan reactions, Ari seems to have a history of violence in her relationships. A ton of fans took to the comments to imply that this is a trend with Fletcher, who has been the real problem all along in situations with her exes G Herbo and, more recently, Gervonta Davis. “Ok so now is it G Herbo that was the problem or??” one fan wrote. Another fan said, “She stay putting her hands on these men. Now if he knock her head back then he wrong smh.”

While it seemed that everyone was convinced that Ari was int he wrong even though video evidence is yet to present itself, there was at least one fan who remained neutral, bearing in mind that none of us actually saw the fight yet. “While y’all assuming she was the aggressor yall thought she was rough with Gervonta yet we just saw how he deals with his baby mother in public,” the fan wrote, making reference to the recent incident where Gervonta manhandled the mother of his child at an event.

What is concerning is that no one is worried or even seems surprised that MoneyBagg Yo and Ari Fletcher were allegedly involved in a physical altercation. Some have been pushing the question: “Where’s the video?” Do you think we will ever get to see it?