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Sauce Money Blast Diddy and JAY-Z, The Clock Is Ticking

Practice what you preach: Sauce Money calls out Diddy and JAY-Z after Pre-Grammy Gala Speech.

On Saturday (Jan. 25), Sean “Diddy” Combs accepted the Salute to Industry Icons Award at the Clive Davis and Recording Academy’s Pre-Grammy Gala. During his acceptance speech, he addressed the elephant in the room— calling out the Academy for their lack of diversity and transparency. He began the last six-minutes of his forty-minute speech by saying, “Truth be told, hip-hop has never been respected by the Grammys,” he continued. “Black music has never been respected by the Grammys to the point that it should be … And that stops right now.”

Diddy closed his statement by giving the Academy a deadline, “You’ve got 365 days to get this sh-t together.”

Attendees and fellow artists of color immediately praised Diddy’s remarks. But now fellow collaborator, Sauce Money, is calling the mogul’s bluff.

Sauce Money who helped Diddy win a Grammy for his Biggie tribute song “I’ll Be Missing You” and with Jay-Z on “Reservoir Dogs,” claimed in a recent Instagram post that not only is Diddy full of BS, that he too practices the same “backdoor” politics that he formerly called out. Sauce Money continued his rant by addressing Jay-Z too, “If the Grammys on a clock, then y’all are too!”

While he doesn’t provide us with any concrete examples, this isn’t the first time he has mentioned his grievances with Diddy. The long-time ghostwriter Sauce Money aired out Diddy on a recent diss track called “Love Tap.” In the track, Sauce claims Diddy was stingy with his royalties, and ultimately never gave him the respect he was due.

Quickly after releasing the diss track, Sauce made a statement of his personal Instagram account saying, “God 1st! Money is not my master,” he wrote. “Treating people with respect and doing things the right way is all I’m concerned with.”

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