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Chris Brown Explains Why He Is Still In Love “WITH HER” Rihanna or Karrueche Tran

Chris Brown is alluding to an ex that he is still in love with. Could he be talking about Rihanna or Karrueche Tran?

Chris Brown has definitely commanded our attention with his latest “anybody’s guess” social media post. The singer who just welcomed his second child and first son with his believed to be girlfriend Ammika Harris, shared a suspicious caption alongside a short gif-like video he posted.

In the Instagram post, Chris is seated in a radio interview setting and appears to be blushing quite intensely behind his gorgeous smile. In the caption, Chris said, “When someone asks, after all this time… why are u still in love WITH HER? My ANSWER: BECAUSE TIME HAS NO RELEVANCE WHEN ITS UNCONDITIONAL,” the singer wrote.

Fans were quick to start guessing who Chris might be talking about. Of course, many are speculating that the singer must be talking about once the love of his life and newly single global megastar, Rihanna. Chris Brown and the island beauty had a very high profile relationship in the decade prior to the last. When we put it that way, it sounds like a really long time ago, but like Breezy said, “time has no relevance when it’s unconditional.”

Karrueche and RIhanna

There are also some fans who believe that Chris Brown could be talking about another popular ex, one that he’s never been shy to name drop in his songs, Karreuche Tran. Though the singer’s recent ex is currently in a much publicized and seemingly happy relationship with Victor Cruz, this could hardly thwart Chris Brown’s undying love for the model and actress.

Fans are still trying to decipher the mysterious caption scribed by the vocal powerhouse and dancing king. In my analysis, I would say Chris Brown might have already given himself away. I ask that you take a moment to review exhibit A, Chris Brown’s own lyrics: “When she touches me, I’m wishing that they were your hands/And when I’m with her it’s only bout the sex/WITH YOU I HAD A BAD ROMANCE/And if I could, straight up man I would/’CAUSE NOBODY COMPARES TO YA,” he sang on his 2011 record “She Ain’t You.” Hmmm, who could Chris Brown have had a “bad romance” with by the year 2011? Who could no one compare to in his eyes at that time?

While we’re all free to speculate, the singer never gave any direct hints to who he was talking about. After receiving a prompt influx of comments from curious fans, Chris was forced to turn off the comments before later deleting the post altogether. What do you think inspired him to confess in the first place? Maybe the truth will be uncovered in an upcoming interview. Well, we can hope.