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Rihanna And Chrissy Lampkin Share Intense Moment At Roc Nation Brunch In This Viral Video

Fans are trying to get the scoop about what Rihanna and Chrissy Lampkin could have possibly been discussing over brunch and mimosas.

The day before the Grammys is marked by lavish parties and big stars gearing up for the biggest night in music. This year, many of the biggest names in the industry showed up to celebrate award season at the annual Roc Nation Brunch, including a rarely-seen Rihanna. Since taking a break from music to focus on her fashion and makeup companies, Rih doesn’t seem to step out nearly as often as she once did. While the superstar spent most of her time at the party taking pictures with other artists and socializing, the “Rude Boy” singer had an interesting exchange with Love & Hip Hop star, Chrissy Lampkin.

Seen in a short clip taken at the brunch, Rihanna stood in front of Chrissy with her arms crossed in a defiant manner and a clearly irritated expression. While it is impossible to hear Rih in the clip, it appears that she is yelling or at least talking in a hostile manner.

Some viewers believe the last phrase out of Rih’s mouth is, “I don’t f*ck with that”, but it isn’t clear what she would be referring to. After shaking her head at Chrissy, longtime girlfriend of Jim Jones, Lampkin leans in to say something further to Rihanna, possibly attempting to calm her down or deescalate the situation.

Comments on the video have been flooded with guesses about what could have possibly sparked the tense moment, including Chrissy asking Rihanna about when she is going to drop new music, and Rihanna commenting on Chrissy’s long engagement to Jim Jones. Some fans believe Rihanna and Chrissy may officially have beef now, while others think Rih was just remarking on something that irritated her to a friend. Unless one of these two ladies decides to spill the tea, we may never know what actually went down.

What do you think the exchange was about?