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Joe Budden Rips Selena Gomez Over Roddy Ricch Streaming Fiasco

Joe Budden
Joe Budden

Joe Budden isn’t a fan of Selena Gomez asking fans to stream her album so she can climb the chart.

Unexpected hitmaker Roddy Ricch is once again throwing a wrench in a popstar’s plan to win the top spot on the charts, and Joe Budden is ready to call everyone out for their desperation. First, it was Justin Bieber who was forced to make room for Ricch at the top after the Compton rapper took first place on the Billboard Hot 100 with his song, “The Box.” Showing no shame, Bieber asked his large fanbase to help him cheat the system by streaming his song “Yummy” while they slept and downloading programs on their computers that would boost his numbers.

Now, Selena Gomez has come for Roddy Ricch’s top spot, using a seeming similarly desperate plea to her fans to help her make it to number one. Joe Budden responded by calling her “a f*cking doof” on the latest episode of his popular podcast.

Before attempting to explain the situation while playing Selena’s video asking fans for additional streams, Budden went on to say, “I always thought you were a doof but it wasn’t safe to say it because people thought you were beautiful. But you are a beautiful f*cking doof.” Budden admitted that he doesn’t know anything about Selena’s music and only acknowledges her as a popstar because mainstream culture tells him it is so.

Adding to Budden’s ammunition, Selena contradicted herself in the video, saying, “I told people before that it’s not about numbers for me. But I would love for the most important album I’ve ever released to become No. 1.” Critics are pointing out that Selena and her ex, Justin Bieber, are setting a bad example of what it means to promote music as an established star, and in doing so are not allowing their music to speak for itself. Roddy Ricch, however, is enjoying his time at the top and poking fun at the situation, tweeting, “stream rare by selena gomez.”