Young Thug Reveals How Much He Makes Per Show, It’s Insane

Young Thug banks seven figures for a show.

Young Thug is enjoying his fame and success, having spent the last several years putting out well-received albums, making hit songs, and receiving awards for his songwriting contributions. It seems his hard work isn’t going unrewarded, especially if a recent post on his Instagram page is to be believed. The “Hot” rapper posted a shot of himself standing in a lavish hotel lobby, wearing a tailored black and white ensemble, and nonchalantly captioned the picture, “1.5 for a 45 min show…#ThankUGod”.

If we assume that he meant $1.5 million, that works out to more than 33 thousand a minute for a Young Thug performance.

Young Thug / Instagram

To put that number into perspective, newer hitmakers such as DaBaby and Megan Thee Stallion currently ask around $100k to $150k for a performance. More established rappers like Big Sean and Pitbull reportedly ask about $250k for a show. These price tags make Thugger’s alleged $1.5 million seem a bit unrealistic, although it is possible he just happened to make much more than usual for this particular performance, which is why he felt the need to brag about his earnings on social media.

Young Thug is a true example of someone who worked their way from the bottom, having been born into a family of eleven children and raised in the projects of Sylvan Hills, Atlanta. Fans showed their support for the rapper and his insane income in the comments section of his post, leaving posts such as “Talking Millions And Getting Millions” and “Thug the most influential rapper since he came out.” While many hip-hop fans don’t have a taste for Thug’s style, there’s no denying his powerful influence in the game, as he is often credited with inspiring the sound of several other popular artists. Young Thug’s next project is due to come out this year, title Punk.

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1.5 for a 45 min show… #ThankUGod

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