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Love & Hip Hop: Juelz Santana & Jim Jones New Music Coming, Kimbella Pushes Project

Juelz Santana camo

New Dipset music might be on the way.

Kimbella and Juelz Santana are Love and Hip Hop OGs and have put their relationship on display for the world to see for the better part of the past decade. We’ve seen the couple deal with infidelity, money issues, and now, a prison sentence. Juelz Santana is currently serving time in a Virginia prison on gun-related charges stemming from a 2018 arrest.

According to police records, Santana fled from authorities after TSA agents found a loaded gun and Oxycontin in his carryon bag. After being on the run for several days, he turned himself over to authorities. Santana later pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and carrying a weapon on an aircraft. He is currently serving 27 months in prison.

With Santana away in jail, it’s Kimbella’s responsibility to support their family financially. Now, she plans to team up with Santana’s brother, Twin, and put up some of Santana’s previously unreleased projects.

In the most recent episode of Love and Hip Hop New York, she talks to him from prison in hopes of getting his blessing. “You left us with a lot of material, a lot of music. The streets are hungry. They’ve been waiting on your music for so long. Tell me what you think about this…me and your brother have decided to start working on three of your projects.”

And it looks like Juelz Santana liked the idea because, after a long pause, he admitted that he was excited about the music being released.

“It sounds great. The music is just sitting there. I know you have my best interests at heart.”

The duo plans to release three separate projects: a mixed tape, a featured album, and an album with Lil Wayne.

Later in the same episode, Kimbella sat down with Chrissy Lampkin to talk about getting Jim Jones to do a feature on one of the projects. Without hesitation, she says think Jones would be honored to be a part of the album.

There is no word yet on when the projects will be released or if they will be out before Santana’s sentence is up.