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Angela Simmons Shocked Rev Run By Revealing She’s Single: “Growing Up Hip Hop”

Rev Run still can’t believe that his daughter Angela Simmons is not dating anyone.

Explaining the current dating scene to the older generations can be tough, especially when your dating life is being broadcast on TV for the entire world to see. Fans have been interested in the personal life of Angela Simmons for over a decade, ever since she was featured on the first season on Run’s House in 2005. Although she has been linked romantically to superstars like Bow Wow and Romeo Miller, it looks like she is still struggling with finding any long term potential partners. Angela has been single since the tragic death of her ex-fiance.

Sutton Tennyson, who was also her son’s father, was shot and killed back in November 2018. On the recent episode of the reality TV series, Growing Up Hip Hop, Angela Simmons admitted to her dad, Hip Hop legend Rev. Run, that her dating life is struggling because there just aren’t very many available men for her. She explains that she is a part of an industry where dating options are very limited and to make it worst, she is always working, which limits her time to meet potential suitors.

She even admits that she has tried going on invite-only dating apps popular among celebrities, but still hasn’t had any luck. Rev Run is confused by her need to try out online dating because, as he explains, things just were not the same back in his day. “Is it really that crazy?….I think the world has changed. Back when I was in, well, 10th, 11th, 12th grade, it was never a pretty girl that would think about, ‘I have to go find a guy. A girl like that would never be on an app.”

As the conversation continued, Angela tried to explain that in today’s world, Instagram has changed the way people communicate and meet each other and that reaching out to some through their DM’s is normal. She goes on to explain that the main reason she hasn’t been too eager to date is because her first priority is her son, and anyone that comes into his life needs to be worth the time and effort. “I’ve got [my son] on my mind. Anyone who comes around has to be triple amazing for him.”

To follow Angela’s story, check out Growing Up Hip Hop on WeTV.