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Summer Walker’s Doppelganger Left Fans Shook, They Look Exactly Alike

Summer Walker found her doppelganger on the Gram and fans can’t tell them apart.

Summer Walker just found her twin online, and we’re not sure even her own mother could spot the differences. Social media can be a great place to find your look-alike. So many websites are dedicated to helping you find your face on another person, and even on the main apps like Instagram, fans sometimes share their photos with popular publications and ask them to post it alongside their celebrity look-alike.

Just recently, Summer Walker posted a photo of her doppelganger, and fans are completely bewitched by the resemblance the R&B singer herself when she shared the fan’s image said, “Whhat the f**k she look just like me,” she wrote in her Instagram story. She followed it up with a second picture where she seemed to be just as flabbergasted, only managing to express more profanities.

Then the R&B singer shared an actual video of her look-alike fan, Destiny Nicole. The fan drew Summer Walker’s tattoos on her skin and shared a video with the singer through an Instagram DM. The Atlanta songstress screen recorded it and shared it on her story. Fans have been ambushing Destiny’s Instagram to voice their fascination over the eerie resemblance. Destiny’s comment section is flooded with Summer’s name, “Hooooly f**k lmao summer wyd yoo lol,” one fan wrote. “Highkey Summer Walker twin,” another fan said. “Nahh this is uncanny,” a fan commented.

Destiny had about 30k Instagram followers at the time that Summer Walker shared the video that she DMed her. Now the Instagram star and fashion model has gained almost 17k new followers since. Summer could recreate her tattoos on Destiny and give her a fake piercing, they could fool us all in the next music video. Check out some of the posts from Destiny’s IG feed here. Can you spot the differences?

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