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Popcaan Mobbed By A Sea Of Unruly Fans In Ghana, “The Love Is Real”

A Popcaan sighting caused chaos to erupt in the streets of Ghana.

Dancehall artiste Popcaan is still in Africa, where he is being bombarded by zealous fans everywhere. The deejay, who recently purchased a home in the motherland, has been traveling throughout the continent since his arrival in Accra, Ghana, in December. Popcaan took time out to visit the historic Cape Coast Castle, where slaves were shipped off during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade 400 years ago and even laid a wreath in commemoration of his ancestors.

Now the dancehall hitmaker has arrived in Nima – one of the most impoverished areas of Accra, Ghana, where he seems to have some die-hard fans. The “Antisocial” deejay took to Instagram to share the crazy experience. In the three-part video shared by Popcaan, the deejay is seen in a traffic jam surrounded by a sea of screaming fans. He captioned the post, “nima we deyya.”

In one of the videos the artist shared, he is heard saying, “Dawg all mi a tell unuh seh, Africa nuh normal a blo***at,” he said. Popcaan then emerges through the vehicle’s sunroof and reveals the army of enthusiastic fans who were yelling, throwing up “unruly” signs and causing a massive traffic jam. Some fans were engaged in an ongoing battle with the law enforcement officials on the scene who were trying to guide Popcaan’s Mercedez G-Wagon through the chaos. There were others who climbed on top of vehicles, and some even climbed onto Popcann’s vehicle to get a closer look at the deejay whose body was already halfway out. Popcaan’s Instagram story further revealed that he was caught in the congestion for several hours.

There were moments when actual chaos erupted in the streets, and bikers started revving their engines and making reckless moves literally right in front of the vehicle that was transporting the dancehall star. Throughout the entire commotion, Popcaan just constantly repeats one of his catchphrases, “Trouble!”

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nima we deyya

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Popcaan did not escape the madness without damage to the G-Wagon that he was being transported in. In one of the videos he shared with his Instagram story, the Unruly boss is heard giving a report of what viewers might have missed. “Yo da yute deh jus jump pon di blo***at G-Wagon and bruk di f***ng indicator and di man still nuh move, di man still deh in a di front a di blot.. Yo yute, Africa is a must,” Popcaan says.

At one point, when it seemed things were starting to calm down, fans began to follow behind the Unruly deejay on small motorcycles. There were at least a dozen bikes trailing behind the deejay, with some even carrying three people simultaneously. As the riders continued to follow Popcaan’s lead, the deejay is heard saying, “Yo, we cannot go to the hotel,” before cracking up laughing.

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in ghana @prince_of_goals trouble ?????????

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This is the epitome of royal treatment, and ironically I cannot imagine these fans behaving in the same manner over a Prince Harry or Princess Kate. Even Popcaan’s friend Drake took to the comments to say, “The [king],” which he indicated with a crown emoji. Poppy seems to be settling in well, which has not gone unnoticed by fellow dancehall artiste Shenseea, who asked, “U nuh plan fi gaa u yard?” the singer wrote with the crying laughing emoji.

Popcaan shared two more posts documenting the literal craze over him. “The love is real big up Ghana the concert ago bom***aat crazy,” he wrote. Well, ain’t that the truth.