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Suge Knight Claims He And TLC’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez Had Sex After Tupac’s Death

A new docuseries is exposing details about Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez’s relationships while she was still alive.

A new documentary series on Lifetime, titled “Hopelessly in Love”, is airing the little-known details of famous celebrity love affairs. The docuseries discusses the tumultuous relationship between Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes and Andre Rison, among others. According to Andre, Lisa was in love with Tupac, and often referred to the hip-hop megastar as her “soulmate”. However, despite many suspicions regarding Lisa and Pac’s relationship, Tupac insisted on remaining friends and the two allegedly never had sex. However, according to new claims, Lisa did become intimate with Death Row Records founder, Suge Knight.

According to the documentary, Lisa was devastated by Tupac’s death in 1996, and although she and Andre were at one point engaged, Lisa soon called off the wedding and the two split for good. When Lisa decided to leave the enormously successful girl group TLC and make an attempt at a solo career, she allegedly approached Suge Knight to talk business.

According to Suge, “…it was a sexual relationship, I had major love for her…I cared for her,” he said. Although Suge Knight isn’t known as the most trustworthy person, Andre Rison corroborates this story, saying that Lisa “had relations with Suge…and that’s just messy.”

Left Eye and Andre Rison, a former NFL wide receiver, shared an on-and-off relationship full of drama, including one incident during which Lisa was arrested for starting a fire in the home they shared. It seems Andre and Tupac were good friends during this time period as well, making the potential love triangle even more complicated.

Andre claims Lisa used her feelings to for Pac to make him jealous at one point, but sources closest to all parties insist that the relationship between Pac and Lisa remained entirely platonic. Unfortunately, Left Eye passed away in 2002 and isn’t here to tell us her side of the story.