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French Montana Insta Stunt New Bugatti, Takes Parting Shot At 50 Cent

French Montana takes a parting shot at 50 Cent while Instagram stunting his new Bugatti.

Yesterday, French Montana declared his beef with 50 Cent to be over, but the “Out of Your Mind” rapper couldn’t resist one last parting shot. What started with a Bugatti has ended with a Bugatti as French showed off his wheels on IG in a not-so-subtle zap sign to his fellow rapper. When French excitedly purchased his blue beast as his Christmas gift to himself, it was a reward for a year hard-fought that included a prolonged hospital stay for an undisclosed illness and a new album featuring collaborations with some of the hottest artists at the minute.

Everyone would have gladly cheered on French’s new present — everyone but 50 Cent. His snarky IG post called out the Moroccan native for purchasing an older model compared to his own 2020 version. French’s response included a series of clap backs dragging Fiddy through photoshopped kisses with fellow rapper Eminem, leaking an all-important clip from his TV show Power before the episode had even aired, and even accusing 50 Cent of being an “informant.”

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“WHERE IM FROM IT DOESNT GET NO WORSE THAN THIS …. A REAL LIFE RAT WOWWWW 59 IS A GOVERNMENT INFORMANT AND HERE’s THE PAPER WORK TO PROVE IT,” French captioned the Insta post which featured a protection order that the Power actor had taken out years ago against Irv Gotti and which listed him as an informant under his birth name Curtis Jackson.

French stated in that post that the beef is over, and so now he has gone back to living his best life — driving his new Bugatti, which cost him almost $2 million and listening to The Notorious B.I.G.as he puts some mileage on the wheels.

“DONT Let EM HOLD YOU DOWN,” the 35-year-old wrote as the caption to the video, which we think are great words to live by.