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DaBaby Found His Female Doppelganger At KFC Drive-Thru

Dababy found his female doppelganger running the drive-thru line at KFC

KFC is good when you’re looking for fried chicken, maybe some of those potato wedges things, and apparently even celebrity doppelgangers. DaBaby’s fans started a hilarious thread on Twitter when one of them shared a photo on the social media platform of a woman who served them at KFC. Upon closer inspection, it appeared as if the woman was the rapper’s long lost sister or something because the resemblance is uncanny.

In the initial tweet that set things off, a Twitter user who goes by the handle @RealMarcus901_ shared a photo of the food industry worker passing him or her a KFC cup through the drive-thru window. The text that was shared alongside the media said, “b**ch got mad cause I asked her for some sh*t wit some Bop in it,” the fan wrote. The post that has since received over 76k likes and over 18k retweets sparked a whole conversation on the topic and even caught the attention of DaBaby himself.

“Shawty really look like me too bruh,” DaBaby wrote back in response to the primary tweet. The hysterical thread continued to garner more attention and wit from fans. One such fan wrote, “I hope that’s not DaManager” – a tweet that is said to be the most underrated according to another fan.

While most of the commentary involved in these social media laughs usually go unchecked, there were at least a few users who found the whole thing downright distasteful. “Can we stop secretly taking photos of people to post online and make fun of..can we do that?” one fan tweeted. Another simply said, “Hope she sees this bro,” to which one fan responded, “she going to quit her job in the am DaBaby retweeted this yeaa its over for her.”

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Another fan responding to the same tweet claimed that the KFC employee had already seen the amusing online exchange that featured her as the subject. He shared a screenshot of a Facebook comment from a woman named Latisha Nelson, who wrote, “Marcus abston well hurry df up next time and [quit] acting slow you wouldn’t get the attitude.”

Nevertheless, fans continued to have a healthy laugh over the doppelganger sighting. See for yourself DaLady, who could very well have been separated from her twin brother DaBaby at birth. Sorry, I had to.